Recently, I stumbled upon a spectacle of sorts. A farm in Illinois has created a gigantic corn maze dedicated to the James Bond film franchise. Take a look:

The maze stretches over 28 acres with about 10 miles of trails. That's quite a challenge to tackle and a far drive for anyone living in Michigan. Thankfully, we have several mazes in West Michigan that the whole family can enjoy.

Here are at least 5:

1. Jollay Orchards - Coloma 

Jollay Orchards seem to primarily be a U-Pick farm. However, they also offer an old western town, a haunted house, a fishing pond, a market with pies and other goodies, and a corn maze. At least, that's according to their Facebook page. You can find their hours and prices for U-pick on their website.


2. Crane Orchards - Fennville 

Crane Orchards has a long history in the area of Fennville. It's family owned and spans nearly 200 acres. Visitors can enjoy their U-Pick options, a pumpkin patch, hay rides, and their corn maze. There is a charge to enjoy Crane Orchards' corn maze: $7 for adults and children 11 and up, $5 for kids 6-10 years old, and children 5 and under are free. Find more information on their website or Facebook page.

3. Harvest Moon Acres - Gobles

Harvest Moon Acres has something pretty unique with their corn maze: Flashlight Nights. Exploring a corn maze at night? Does anyone else have immediate flashbacks to that scene from Signs?

Even as an adult, that feels pretty creepy. And, I love it. If you'd rather visit during the day, that's fine. Harvest Moon Acres has plenty to do. That includes a Saloon Shootout where you load a pumpkin into a slingshot and take aim at their Western targets. You'll also find hayrides, farm animals, and a Fun Zone. You can find information on season passes, daily admission prices, hours, and more on their website. Or, follow them on Facebook.

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4. Gull Meadow Farms - Richland 

Like many of the places on this list, Gull Meadow Farms offers a lot more than a simple corn maze. In fact, they pick a new design each year and recently debuted their 2022 corn maze design: be kind. They also have a play area for the kids, farm animals, and a market with pies, jams, and gifts. Their hours vary and there is an admission cost. Find all of their updated information on their website.

5. Fruit Ridge Hayrides - Kent City 

Just north of Grand Rapids, Fruit Ridge Hayrides has the most advanced and challenging corn maze in West Michigan, according to their website. The corn maze spans about 10 acres, features interactive games for all ages, and follows a different theme each year. This year's theme is Magical Witches and Wizards. There's also a mini corn maze for the young children. Find all of their information here.

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