A fire at Michigan Tile and Carpet at 99 East Columbia was squelched quickly, thanks to a fire suppression system unit and quick response from the Battle Creek Fire Department.  Crews got the call at 12:51 pm on Monday.

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Owner Hans Stark says nobody was hurt, and he’s hoping to be back open by Tuesday.  “I was in my office, just finishing lunch when one of my employees said they smelled smoke in the rear of the building.   I grabbed a fire extinguisher, but I could see the smoke was very black, and you never know about toxic fumes.  I dropped the extinguisher, called 911, and the fire department was here in five minutes.”


Stark says three sprinklers had already gone off.  He says they prevented a lot more damage from happening.  “There were no customer orders in that part of the warehouse.  It’s ridiculous.  We were closed for two months, and now this.”

The Fire Department estimates the damage to the building at $30,000 and damage to property at $15,000.   They say because the fire suppression system worked, they were able to finish squelching the blaze.   The loss was minimized due to the hard work performed by the fire department members, who worked in near 90-degree heat.

The cause of what sparked the fire is still being investigated.

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