The City of Flint’s Mayor and their government wants the State of Michigan to continue to fund their bottled water program but cannot even live up to their end of the bargain.

Mlive is reporting that a letter was sent last March from Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality which spells out multiple "significant deficiencies" in the city's water system overall.

In the letter from the surface water treatment engineer at DEQ, Robert A. London, DEQ submitted a number of deadlines that the City of Flint must show progress on a list of unresolved problems within their own water distribution system, including:

  • Flint's capacity for managing it

  • its lack of a rate structure that allows for proper operation and maintenance

  • and its inability to recruit and hire critical system staff.

It is interesting that Flint points to Michigan and everyone else involved in this terrible accident that occurred but this many years later has still not cleaned up their own act.

How can these politicians in Flint still be failing the citizens and keep their jobs?

It is important to note that a DEQ spokeswomen, Tiffany Brown was quoted in the article stating that Flint’s water system:

is currently producing very high quality drinking water and distributing it around the city and that is backed up by rigorous government and independent testing results.

Sounds like the state has done their job and now after all these years it is up to the city mayor and her colleagues to put on their big boy and girl pants on and do their job.

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