The sun is starting to become more of a presence again and things are starting to warm up, which means the return of Kalamazoo's Food Truck Rally is finally here, as their first day begins April 9th. The Rally has announced who will be opening up the weekend, and has provided the following food truck names:

*On The Roll
*Smoked Down BBQ
*Specialty Cheesecake
*Teresa's Kitchen
*Weller BBQ
*Bleu Burger
*Motor Mouth
*Scott's Pig Roast
*Eli's Doches
*Top Shelf
*Camzie's Pizza
*Crepes by the lake

With the food truck rally, it's almost time to nominate who you think is the best food truck in Kalamazoo. The Top 3 food trucks in Southwest Michigan voted by you last year were:

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#3.  Scott’s Pig Roast in Marcellus

Scott's landed at #10 last year in this poll.  This year they shoot up to #3 as they get 12.75% of the vote.

#2.  Weenie King in Three Rivers

This food truck has been the reigning king of this poll for the last 2 years in a row.  This year they get a very respectable 12.89% of the vote to grab the #2 spot.

#1.  Pig's Head BBQ in Gobles

Here's a food truck that went from zero to hero.  This is their first time on the poll and they steal the top spot from Weenie King by getting 13.65% of the vote.

Who will be making the list this year? We'll have to wait until voting opens up, and until then, we'll keep you updated on the list of vendors at next month's event as soon as they're made available.

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