Former Democratic President Barak Obama is speaking out in support of a Republican Michigan State Senator. It’s an uncommon result of an uncommon 2020 general election. The focal point is a controversial report issued by a Michigan State Senate Committee. We reported more than a week ago about the Senate Oversight Committee declaring that vote totals from the 2020 election as reported by the state are accurate. The report, issued by Committee Chairman Ed McBroom from the Upper Peninsula indicates no significant voting irregularities or fraud. He’s been catching a lot of heat over that from conservatives across the state. That includes former Republican State Senator Patrick Colbeck.

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But former President Obama says McBroom is unfairly taking heat for the report. He’s tweeting, “In the wake of the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) ruling further weakening the Voting Rights Act, take a look at how one Republican in Michigan was subjected to harsh attacks from within his own party for simply acknowledging the validity of the election results in his state.”

Obama links to an article in The Atlantic that heaps praise on Senator McBroom. That article starts out: “A Michigan Republican spent eight months searching for evidence of election fraud, but all he found was lies.”

The grassroots conservative organization “Rescue Michigan Coalition” called McBroom and members of the committee who signed on to the report “bipartisan traitors". That includes Battle Creek Republican Senator John Bizon.  Former President Donald Trump also jumped on the report and challenged its findings.

All this happening against a background of continued election questions being raised throughout the state and a new attempt to force a statewide forensic audit of 2020 election results along with vote handling and processing methods.

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