I wrote a piece yesterday informing you about the grievance industry.  In that piece I told you about the city of Palm Springs California celebrating the fact that their city elected an all LGBTQ city council back in 2017.  Then the grievance industry became upset about the newly elected entirely LGBTQ city council because they were all white people.

Now just a day later another example pops up.  A gay and lesbian culture publication titled Out Magazine is upset with President Trump because he is attempting to decriminalize homosexuality internationally.

These grievance groups are never satisfied.  They need to keep feeding their anger and hatred machine in order to stay in business and keep people angry.  When they win their argument they are not satisfied because the money will no longer be coming in at the rate they receive it during the struggle and it appears money and influence is all they care about, not the issue.

The Trump Administration has started an admirable effort to abolish laws in countries that make it illegal to be gay. The effort is even being headed by U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, who is openly gay.  You would think all of the gay community would be behind this effort and praise President Trump for this effort.  Well you would be wrong.

Out Magazine believes there are sinister reasons behind President Trump's initiative.  They believe that the only reason he has started this initiative was at least partially in response to the hanging of a man in Iran on charges of homosexuality and kidnapping.  So they believe that this initiative is only a play to defeat the evil forces in Iran and not help gay people worldwide.  They stated in their article that the initiative is just:

another instance of the right using queer people as a pawn to amass power and enact its own agenda

Really, if former President Obama would have started this initiative he would have been heralded as a God.

In the article they went on to write:

Grenell’s attack [on Iran] might be a case of white men trying to save brown gay men from brown straight men

Ambassador Grenell tweeting about the Out Magazine piece tweeted:

Ummmm? No.

As I wrote yesterday Identity politics is designed to separate us all and pit all of us against each other, refuse to engage in this destruction of our society.

The problem with these grievance industry groups and the identity politics ideology is that the demand for bigots greatly exceeds the supply in the US.  So they must manufacture them out of whole cloth to keep feeding their machine.  A very destructive machine that wants to tear our society down and rebuild it in their image.  Problem being is once they rebuild it in their image they will be upset about that image because it might actually have white people in it.  See the beginning of the piece or simple read my piece I wrote yesterday titled “Yeah All LGBTQ City Council: Boo They Are All White.  When Will It Ever End”.

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