There's a former mining community in the Keweenaw Peninsula that is nowadays considered to be a ghost town, even though there are a handful of residents still there.

This unincorporated community is named "Gay" after Joseph Gay co-founder of two mining companies, Wolverine and Mohawk. The town is littered with many deserted & abandoned homes and businesses, old miners' homes and more.

And yes, the townsfolk take advantage of their village name to this very day. The 'Gay Bar' is a favorite local hangout. Plus, the annual 'Gay Parade' every 4th of July brings in hundreds of gawkers, exceeding the number of Gay residents.

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Back in 1898, Joseph Gay's Mohawk company built a stamp mill along the Gay shores of Lake Superior; all that remains today are the ruins and smokestack (SEE PHOTOS BELOW). Looking at the photos below, you'll notice the similar structure of many of the miners' old houses. Some of them look like they may have been businesses at one time.....but there are so many that look like former stores, inns, or schools, that it's hard to tell.

Gay has no businesses except for the Gay Bar: no gas stations, no restaurants, no nuttin' 'cept fer the bar. I mean, after all, it IS somewhat considered to be a semi- "ghost town".

So remember that when you visit on your Michigan roadtrip this year.....and always, ALWAYS respect any & all private properties and 'no trespassing' signs.

Now, check out the photos!

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