Gov. Rick Snyder issued an executive directive Tuesday to develop a readiness plan to manage expedited responses when PFAS contamination is discovered.

Through the work of the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART), the state of Michigan is continuing to work diligently to help communities respond to PFAS contamination that threatens public health and safety. To continue to identify PFAS contaminants, inform and empower the public, and mitigate potential effects, the state’s response requires a continuum of strategies. These include being prepared to ensure immediate state assistance to communities threatened by PFAS. This directive addresses that need by establishing the needed coordination, planning, and access to assistance between local and state agencies.

MPART will immediately coordinate the implementation of the directive. Under the direction of department directors, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) will work with state emergency management coordinators and local public health department directors to develop the readiness plan.

Under the directive:

  • The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), in conjunction with the MPART and DHHS, and working with local units of government, will establish the minimum requirements of a local PFAS readiness plan, taking into consideration the successful response strategies used in the past.
  • The director of the DEQ will develop and implement an access program to establish eligibility criteria, make funding decisions, and oversee the management of the funding established in PA 201 of 2017.
  • State departments and agencies will provide full support, coordination, and participation in developing the readiness plan, including developing partnerships with other levels of government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations.

While PFAS concerns has become a regularly talked about topic, some in Michigan may be surprised to know that the Great Lakes State leads the nation when it comes to per and polyflaurokyl substance response.

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