I have one simple question for Governor Whitmer and that is how did she think Michigan parents actually were able to work outside the home before COVID-19?

Yesterday Gov. Whitmer announced that she would like to use $1.4 billion dollars in Federal Covid-19 Cares Act taxpayer money to boost taxpayer spending in the Michigan child care industry.  She believes we need to spend additional tax dollars in three areas of child care; affordability, availability, and quality.

The Detroit News reported that Whitmer said that we must use this:

"unprecedented opportunity created by a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic… Where and how children spend their time, it matters…We have to understand just how essential child care is."

We also found out yesterday that the State of Michigan spends about $250 million per year paying for some people's child care.  Because the Democrat’s passed the biggest slush fund in the history of mankind, they called it the Cares Act for PR purposes, Whitmer stated that this windfall allows for a "one-time injection" of nearly six times that amount.

The key phrase being "one-time injection".  What happens when all of the free money runs out?  Will they increase your taxes greatly because they “Care”?  Will they accuse you of not “Caring” if you believe taxpayers should not have to pay for child cares services?  Will they ask you to do another “Act” of “Care”?

A Democrat Congresswoman from Rochester Hills, Haley Stevens was with Whitmer yesterday and was excited about this spending calling it "the largest investment ever" on child care.  She went on to say:

"We all want to get back to work...But it's not possible until we solve this daycare challenge."

I ask you Ms. Stevens how on earth were these parents able to work before Covid-19?  You state this is an investment, an investment would make returns to sustain the expenditure how will this "one-time injection" do that?

If people believe we should be paying for the child care of families then be honest and address how you intend to pay for this new program when the Federal funny money dollars run out.  Also, these funds should be available to all families, not just a subset of American families.

Think about this thought; is paying for anyone's childcare for people to work essentially a gift to the businesses.

The giveaway does not end there.  She wants Michigan residents to continue to collect the Federal enhanced unemployment bump of $300-a-week even if they find a job, any job.  So if my company lays me off for one week then rehires me do I get paid that $300 per week through September?

As Democrat political operative and former mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel said:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”

The only thing Democrats are wasting is future taxpayers' future.

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