Have you ever heard of the “8645” club?  Apparently, Whitmer has and she is part of the group, club, movement or whatever they call themselves.

Yesterday Whitmer was once again was being interviewed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and as she was attacking President Trump and not addressing the number of nursing home patients that died due to her Executive Orders, you can see an “8645” emblem prominently displayed next to her.

YouTube screenshot
YouTube screenshot

What exactly does 8645 mean?  We are told that it is an anti-Trump message referring to "86ing," or getting rid of, the 45th president.  According to the Urban Dictionary “86ing” someone means:

“To get rid of, originally for killing someone. The phrase "80 miles out and 6 feet under" was reserved for someone who had to dig their own grave 80 miles from civilization and then get shot execution-style. All terms for 86'd originated from this”

It is very disturbing to think that a Governor, any Governor from any state or party, would be advocating for the killing of anyone let alone a sitting President, but that is exactly what Governor Whitmer is doing. 

Why would the Governor of Michigan be inciting such domestic violence against the President of the United States, and I can assume anyone who supports his America first agenda?  Is this why she has made no comments condemning her and Biden's supporters in Michigan who have rioted and looted in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Lansing?

Should she resign her seat immediately or will you accept this from the Governor of Michigan and the Democratic Party?

In a few weeks, you can vote to reject this violent and aggressive action and attitude of Governor Whitmer and anyone who supports her or her “8645” group.

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