Last week Governor Whitmer allowed a local Detroit TV station show, FOX 2 for Your Take, to ask her questions as well as some preselected audience questions.  These questions were only allowed to be about the COVID-19 virus, the vaccine that many leaders in her Party including Biden and Harris vowed in the past they would not take and her executive orders she has issued through the Department of Health.  Those same orders the Michigan Supreme Court ruled were illegal and unconstitutional in the manner she forced them on the residents of Michigan.

In that interview, a viewer of the station asked:

"Why is it that individuals can't access risk themselves and why is it that the government seems willing to make assumptive medical decisions for individuals and businesses?"

She decided not to actually answer the question as I stated in my headline she inadvertently admitted that her Executive Orders do not actually work when she said:

“I think that COVID-19 threatens everyone’s civil liberties...It threatens our ability to live and to live in a healthy way. I am mourning a very dear friend of mine to COVID-19 and he died last week. He wore masks and took it very seriously and he still got it and it killed him. That is why this moment is so different than usual. That is why we, as a nation, need to come together against our mutual enemy, this virus.”

A friend of hers “wore masks and took it very seriously and he still got it”.  How did he get it Gretchen if he took it seriously and dutifully followed all of the orders you demanded?

By the way:

  • How old were they?
  • Did they have any underlying health issues?
  • Did they actually die from COVID-19 or with COVID-19?

She was the one who used her “friend” to address this question, which means she now owes the residents of Michigan these answers.

One last question Gretchen, why are you forcing people by law to follow your demands if you just insinuated that they do not work?

A new study discussed in a piece published on questioned the effectiveness of masks.  They reported the following:

In Florida, most counties have refused to implement mask mandates while others, usually in high population centers, have done so. Justin Hart and the team at Rational Ground just released a comprehensive data analysis of masked vs non-masked counties in the state. A total of 22 of 67 counties in the state have implemented a mask order at some point during the period of May 1 through December 15.

Some might say that they only focused on one state.  Not true, Rational Ground went on to compare national numbers, pitting the states that resisted the urge to impose a statewide mask mandate against those that masked up. How did those compare?

“When states DID have a mandate in effect, there were 9,605,256 cases over 5,907 total days and averaged 27 cases per 100,000 per day. When states DID NOT have a statewide order there were 5,781,716 cases over 5,772 total days averaging 17 cases per 100,000 people per day.”

Whether you are for mandated mask Executive Orders or not, an honest look at data and science should be in the mix of the discussion.

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