If your license has expired, don't stress, you'll be fine.

With the stay-at-home order still happening, don't stress if your tags are out of date. Governor Gretchen Whitmer's executive order on Friday extended the expiration dates for driver's licenses, registration tags, and operator endorsements. The new expiration date is now July 31st, 2020 for those items with expiration dates between February 1st and June 30th. So don't worry, you will not be given any tickets or late penalties thanks to this order.

Executive Order 2020-78 was just an extension to a previous order that extended the expiration dates on licenses, tags, and endorsements to May 31st. Keep in mind that this order does not apply to any with a suspended license or revoked license. The latest order also helps out when it comes to insurance as well. Auto insurance companies cannot deny claims or a policy to a driver with an expired license.

For those of you that do have expired driver's licenses, yes, they will still work in stores. I was a little worried as well when mine expired in April on my birthday this year. Since it has expired, I have still been able to use it to purchase alcohol and cigarettes. The stores did scan it and it went through with no problems.

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As we all know, the stay at home order for Michigan has been extended until May 28th. That, of course, means that the Secretary of State will also remain closed. If you do have an expired driver's license or registration tags, you can still try to renew them online here. 


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