Getty Images By: Kevork Djansezian
Getty Images By: Kevork Djansezian

Could you imagine if a newspaper that was perceived as right-leaning were to publish a photograph of Hillary Clinton--or for that matter, any Democrat running for president, or not even running for president--with a gun to their head?

There would be a national outcry by the mainstream media.

Well apparently that does not happen when a Republican is running for the president.

I just saw a picture in a Breitbart news article of Senator Cruz, a Republican running for president, with a picture of a gun pointed directly at his forehead.

I do not have the rights to publish the picture for this blog so please click on this link to the Breitbart article and you will see the offending picture.

The picture was taken a photographer employed by no other than the far left leaning AP.  I told you the mainstream media is very left leaning in their bias.  This is just more evidence to that fact.

Why did they not crop the photo to eliminate the gun?

Because they were trying to further their agenda, at least that is my opinion. What is yours?

Why is the AP attempting to push such violent imagery?

As I have been saying for years, be very careful what you read and believe coming from the mainstream media.  It is mostly agenda driven and unfortunately not fact and substance driven.

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