Super Bowl tickets Are insanely expensive. So how many other tickets could you buy instead of Super Bowl Tickets?

Checking out ticket prices for the Super Bowl I got sticker shock. Have you seen how much they are going for? Tickets range from $5,000 to $178,000 per ticket! At the time I started writing, the $180,000 tickets were still available. Yes, they are completely sold out! So just what can you buy instead of Super Bowl tickets? Let's take the average price of $91,500 for the comparison.

MSU games at $800 per ticket would be 114 with some beer money left.

WMU tickets would run you almost the exact same price.

How about this, a top of the line, 75 inch Sony TV would run you $2,500 from Best Buy. You could buy 36 of those and still get the power recliner and personal refrigerator.

Or, if you are fiscally responsible, you could stick that in your IRA and be better off in the future.

What would you spend $91,000 on?

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