More traditions falling to the wayside. Several high schools in New Jersey are forbidding the use of limousines for their prom, partly due to “equity”.

A local CBS affiliate in New York WLYN is reporting that Lakeland Regional High School in New Jersey, has banned the use of limousines for their prom for what they call safety and on the basis that some students can’t afford the cost of the luxury vehicles.

Hugh Beattie, Superintendent of Schools said there was no hesitation among school administrators to take over transportation to protect students.  He was quoted saying:

We have in the past, are presently and will always take the safety and security of our students seriously

How is it not safe to take a limo to the prom?  I can understand if they did not want them to drive themselves but having a professional drive is somehow not safe.

Well the really reason I believe and reported by the local CBS station was:

Superintendent Hugh Beattie says the change is all about the safety and equity for all students. It’ll cost $15 to ride the buses compared to much more for private chauffeurs. In addition, he hopes it’ll curb any potential underage drinking.

If I cannot have one you cannot have one, it is only fair right?

The school administrators believe because some teenagers cannot afford a limo then all teenagers cannot take a limo to the prom.  What about working in the summers to save up for the limo if they really wanted one.

Senior Caitlin Heckler said:

It’s just one of the expenses…You get your dress, your makeup, hair, nails, and then you get a limo. It’s one of the parts of prom.

Another senior, Jay Faber said:

It’s a part of high school life, a part of growing up…I understand things aren’t as safe as they used to be, but we can’t be too closed off to everything.

Oh but you are wrong Jay, it is all about protecting you from everything in life according to a certain ideology. It is called control, they may and I say may believe they are banning limo’s for safety sake but what they do not understand is once you get into the world they cannot protect you every second of your lives.  No one can.

Again I leave you with this thought, how can having a professional driver not be safe?  Once you answer that question honestly then you know the true really reason for banning limo's is "equity".

Apparently these high school administrators do not care about the working men and women who drive limo's and how they are going to feed their families.  Oh they probably believe the government will feed them.

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