How much more Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) can there be, well plenty more.

Now the TDS people have gone even farther.  High School cheerleaders from North Stanly High School in New London North Carolina are in trouble.

The Stanly News & Press reported that they have been put on probation for the remainder of the season. Why, well of course because it was “American Night” at the football game where students and the Cheerleaders were encouraged to wear red, white and blue.  The Cheerleaders posted a pre-game picture of themselves holding a banner that said:

Trump 2020 Make America Great Again.

To date we do not know what snowflake made the original complaint but does that really matter.  The cowards never came forward to claim they were the ones upset by the picture.  But we do know that the complaint lead to a school district investigation as well as a NCHSAA investigation.

The school district stated the following:

Stanly County Schools never makes political campaign endorsements...These policies ensure that all students, staff and visitors are able to attend school events in an environment that promotes students and not a particular political viewpoint.

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association Commissioner Que Tucker told the newspaper:

One of the rules we have is that every contest should be conducted in a wholesome, athletic environment...We take that to mean that it’s in an environment where good sportsmanship is shown, where people feel safe … that respect for all people participating is being shown...due to the fact the incident caused concern for many and helped create a negative athletic environment...the NCHSAA decided to reprimand the cheerleaders by putting them on probation.

One upset resident of the school district wrote on Facebook:

Not sure when supporting the acting POTUS became a punishable offense...Do Americans have freedom of speech anymore? Of course! But only if you are liberal.

According to the Democrat’s reaction to our current Republican President no longer can the opposing party support the President, or do you believe they are hypocrites and expect Republicans to support a Democratic President in the future?


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