We have all heard of a group of people who we are told wanted to kidnap Governor Whitmer.  What we did not hear was the Delaware man who was the center of this plot, yes he is from the same state as Biden and was let out of jail and pardoned by the Democrat Governor of Delaware, wanted to hang President Trump.

Interesting that the powers that be held that little gem for as long as they did.  The FBI knew of this threat since May.  Also, did you hear much reporting about the person at the center of the plot coming from the state of Delaware and was pardoned and released from prison by the Democratic Governor of Delaware?

According to an unsealed search warrant affidavit obtained by the Detroit News, Barry Croft of Bear, Delaware last May posted an image of President Trump with the caption "wanna hang this mf'er too!!!%”

Why did those people in authority allow Whitmer to accuse President Trump of inspiring these people when in fact they wanted to do more harm to President Trump than Whitmer according to the FBI?

Was it the hateful and aggressive rhetoric Whitmer was and continues to use towards President Trump and Republicans even after she was asked to bring down the heat that contributed to inspiring these people to want to hang President Trump?

Was it her anti-American attitude she portrays while on the stump for herself and Biden?

Turnaround is fair play is it not Gretchen?

I beg of you Governor Whitmer to cool your hateful and aggressive rhetoric towards President Trump and Republicans before you get someone harmed or perhaps killed.

As the sign says in the above picture Governor Whitmer, hate has no place in America.

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