Call it the hot dog whistle stop tour - could eating coneys across Michigan be the key to Hillary Clinton winning the White House?

That's the argument made by Medium columnist Evan Engel who asks, "To Win, Hillary Must Eat a Garbage Plate." A garbage plate, for the uniniated, is a blue-collar everyman's meal created in Rochester, New York consisting of burgers or dogs topped with a chili meat sauce served with potatoes and macaroni salad (authors note - living in Upstate NY for a decade, I can vouch for the incredibleness of the Plate). Sound familiar? A kissing cousin no doubt to a Michigan Coney.

While NY is likely not in play during the 2016 cycle, Michigan may be. And Ohio. And other blue-collar middle-of-the-country states. Can Clinton move beyond her political-insider stereotype of thousand-dollar-a-plate dinner and down a dog with someone who just got off the line in Detroit or Flint?

Clearly, Hillary needs to win back the working class voters of New York state. Completely obliterating a Garbage Plate and soaking its sloppy juices in some stale bread may be the only effective way to do so. Attending a NASCAR race in Watkins Glen? Too transparent. Eating a plate of buffalo wings? Too spicy. Touring the Saranac brewery? That could work, but Hillary probably won’t drink out of a can, and that’s a liability.

So while it's exceedingly unlikely Clinton will join Detroit's great debate between neighboring American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island or learn the variances of the coney sauces made in Detroit, Flint, Jackson and Kalamazoo, the question stands, what connections will Clinton make to woo the blue-collar and union voters in the Midwest and Great Lakes that Trump has zeroed in on.

And no matter whom you'll be supporting in the election booth, here's something Michiganders can all agree on - how great our coneys are.