There are thousands of Michigan residents who are well versed using marijuana words and phrases commonly used in the industry. Then again, there are probably many times more who are not.  In either case, the following list of common pot culture words might help you navigate your visit to a legal marijuana store.(Or maybe help you notice something that might indicate your kids may be getting involved in pot use)

Marijuana has been used to help people dealing with everything from insomnia to cancer.  But of course lots of others just want to get high.If you are planning to visit one of the state’s growing list of licensed recreational marijuana stores, the following list compiled by the Detroit Free Press will help you sound like a seasoned pot connoisseur.

Cannabis: The plant that has a strong and tough stem that can be used for industrial purposes and its flowers can be transformed into marijuana products.


Sativa: One of three families of cannabis, known for its energizing effects and used to treat depression


Indica: One of three families of cannabis, known for producing a relaxing high and aiding in sleep and chronic pain relief.


Ruderalis: The least common family of cannabis, known for quick flowering. It is sometimes bred with indica or sativa to increase the speed of growing.


Blunt: A marijuana cigarette made by dumping the tobacco out of a cigar and replacing it with marijuana.


Bong: A glass, ceramic or plastic device used to smoke marijuana that also has a chamber for water to cool the smoke before it’s inhaled.


Budtender: The person who consults with marijuana customers at dispensaries and sells the product.


Cannabinoids or CBD: The chemical compounds found in cannabis. Some of the compounds contain THC, others don’t, but can be used in creams and oils for pain relief.


Concentrate: A refined and processed form of marijuana that is more potent than marijuana flower. This is an umbrella term that covers a variety of marijuana products.


Dab: A smaller quantity of cannabis concentrate, which when mixed with a heat source, turns to vapor


Edibles: Marijuana-infused products – cookies, candies, butters and drinks – that are meant to be consumed rather than smoked. The psychoactive effects from edibles often take longer to kick in, perhaps 30-45 minutes, and often last longer than inhaled marijuana.


Flower: The hairy, often sticky bud of the marijuana plant that is dried and either smoked or infused in a variety of marijuana products.


Hemp: One form of the cannabis plant that has very low THC levels and is used for paper, rope and fiber board, as well as products containing CBD.


Joint: A rolled marijuana cigarette. Also known as doobie, fatty, J, bone, cone or a spliff, and mixed with tobacco


Kief: The leftover residue when the flower is separated from the cannabis plant. When collected and compressed, the yellow powder can produce an intense high.


Kush: A specific and well-known strain of the indica cannabis plant.


Provisioning center: The name the state has given for a medical marijuana dispensary.


Retail store: As the state has defined, a shop where marijuana is sold to anyone 21 or older.


RSO or Rick Simpson Oil: Named for a well-known marijuana activist, RSO is a  highly concentrated form of cannabis extract that is widely used to treat a variety of ailments.


Sesh:  A gathering of like-minded pot smokers who get together for a sesh or session of indulging in marijuana.


Shake: Dried or broken pieces that fall off a marijuana bud. It resembles dried green herbs that can be sold in bags.


Shatter: A type of potent marijuana concentrate used with a bong-type of device.


THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, accounts for the psychoactive effects or high associated with marijuana.


Terpenes: Chemical compound found in cannabis that produces the flavor and smell of the flower.


Tincture: Liquid form of marijuana or CBD dropped underneath the tongue.


Topical: A marijuana- or CBD-infused lotion, balm or cream that is used to relieve pain. and since any THC in the product is absorbed through the skin, it produces no high. But, the THC still could show up in the blood stream and trigger a positive drug test.


Trim: Excess snipping of leaves, stalks and stems from the buds of marijuana plants, and used to make extracts, tinctures and edibles.


VapePen: portable vaporizer that uses pre-filled cartridges of cannabis oils. Similar to an e-cigarette.


Wax: An especially potent and concentrated form of marijuana that is used with a vaporizer or bong.

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