We are inching closer to the end of the second-third of our High School Football season, and a rivalry kicks off the first of two games in Week 6.

For the fourth time this season we head out on the road for our Game of the Night, but for the first time we head west to Kalamazoo. Thanks to more updated options of travel, we will avoid having to go on an overnight buckboard wagon ride to get there.

Tonight is the "Oldest Rivalry West of the Alleghenies", as the Battle Creek Central Bearcats square off with the Kalamazoo Central Maroon Giants. These two teams will take to the field for somewhere between the 120th and 125th time. For what historians know is that the rivalry dates back to the late 1880s, where one of the schools would travel overnight in a buckboard wagon to the other school to play the next day.

It is a rivalry game this year with a lot of significance with how the two schools have progressed this season, with a Southwest Michigan Athletic Conference divisional title at stake.

Check out the preview of tonight's match-up and a complete schedule for all the Friday games, including two other rivalry contests between Maple Valley and Olivet, and Homer and Union City.

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