What a tangled web has been woven in the Detroit suburb of Warren.  The situation was first revealed by the Macomb Daily this week.  The publication is reporting to a somewhat shocked readership including many Warren city leaders, that back in September, lame-duck, or outgoing City Council members voted themselves and some family members, free lifetime health insurance and dental coverage.

Current Warren City Council members are up in arms. One telling the publication that it’s article “…told us the what and where, but there are many questions surrounding how this was done, and why this was done.” Another is saying…"We did not create this mess, but we will absolutely see it resolved."  The current City council members plan to take up the golden parachute plan at a council meeting later in the month.

Some city leaders are also pointing accusing fingers at the city Mayor believing he was complicit in the shady deal. The Mayor is in disagreement.  He says the former council members snuck it by to get around his veto potential. The mayor calls the sneaky move nothing short of illegal and vows to work with the city council to block the lifetime benefits.

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