With another Winter Advisory in effect until Friday at 4pm, its just a matter of time before you find your car piled with snow.    Many of us grab a broom or scraper, clean off the windows and headlights and hit the trail.   But what about the pile on the roof of your vehicle?   In Michigan, it’s against the law to drive with that snow left on your car!  Yep, Michigan is one of 12 states that can ticket you for not clearing off your car completely. SO, even though it’s cold… and may STILL be snowing, legally you need to take the time to clear your car off completely.

We’ve all seen that car driving down the road with a foot or so of snow on top.  Then all of a sudden it all starts blowing off, creating a brief whiteout behind them; or worse, chunks of ice come flying off their roof, and right at your car.

(Jeffrey Cote-Youtube)

Or, if it doesn’t fly off and risk somebody else’s life, it might just block your view at a critical time.

(Yuda Wang YouTube)

So please….take the extra few minutes, warm up your car and clean it off. It’s worth it, for your safety and the safety of others. Thanks, Michiganders!

Here are five of ideas that might help:

  1. Put a step stool or small step ladder in the garage or maybe just inside the exit door near your parking place.
  2. A broom really is handy, and a push broom is really handy for roofs if you have room to keep one nearby.
  3. If you have room to store a step ladder and broom, why not leave an old pair of gloves or hat there too?
  4. If there are two of you, you could each grab an end of a short rope (jump rope?). Each grab a side and walk from the front to back of the car, forcing the rope under the snow on the roof, making it easier to push off with a broom.
  5. If you have time to warm up the car, it will melt the snow where it comes in contact with the vehicle, making it easier to push off.

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