A new member has been appointed to the Board of Directors at the Kellogg Community College Foundation.

It was announced Wednesday that Joseph Lopez was chosen; KCCF Chair Kathy-Sue Vette says that Joe is a "highly competent" person who will bring “passion and enthusiasm for education and equity” to the board. Lopez will be joining current board members Jill Booth, Steve Claywell, Matt Davis, Vivian Davis, John Dilworth, Adam Dingwall, Eric Greene, Dr. John J. H. Schwarz, Andrew Schweitzer, Richard Scott, Chad Smith, Erick Stewart and Catherine Yates.

Joseph Lopez is the superintendent of the Branch Intermediate School District, and previously served as superintendent, high school principal and middle school principal at the Quincy Community Schools. Lopez has a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Master of Arts in Educational Administration from Michigan State University. 

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