Here are the Election 2020 results so far for the Kalamazoo area and the state of Michigan.

You've heard it a million times but it's worth repeating.  These are unofficial results as the absentee ballots are yet to be counted.  We will keep updating the numbers below as new info is made available.  The Kalamazoo County results below are provided by the Kalamazoo County Government page.  State of Michigan results can be found below the county results and are provided by the Associated Press.

The results below were updated at 7:30 P.M. on Wednesday, November 4th 2020.


President and Vice-President

Vote count for Kalamazoo County
Joseph R. Biden (D) 66,090
Donald J. Trump (R) 53,686
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Vote count for Michigan
Joseph R. Biden (D) 2,688,604  49.9% (Projected Winner)
Donald J. Trump (R) 2,618,093 48.6%
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U.S. Senator

Vote count for Kalamazoo County
Gary Peters (D) 62,027
John James (R) 56,619
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Vote count for Michigan
Gary Peters (D) 2,683,325 49.6% (Leading with 99% of the votes counted)
John James (R) 2,623,738 48.5%
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Rep. in Congress - 6th District

Vote count for Kalamazoo County
Fred Upton (R) 60,671
Jon Hoadley (D) 55,618
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Vote count for Michigan
Fred Upton (R) 193,649  58%
Jon Hoadley (D) 126,597  37.9%
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State Representative 60th District

Julie M. Rogers (D) 13,820 
Gary Mitchell (R) 6,740
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State Rep. 61st District

Christine Morse (D) 31,885
Bronwyn Haltom (R) 27,089
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State Representative 63rd District

Luke Howell (D) 11,406
Matt Hall (R) 15,930
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State Representative 66th District

Abigail Wheeler (D) 4,042
Beth Griffin (R) 5,450
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Prosecuting Attorney

Jeffrey S. Getting (D) 78,570
Write-in NONPARTISAN 3,270
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Richard C. Fuller III (D)61,234
Shannon D. Bagley (R) 57,178
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Michigan Proposal 20-1. Reallocate Park Revenue Use
84% Yes ·
Michigan Proposal 20-2. Require Warrant for Electronic Data
88.7% Yes 

Kalamazoo County Housing Proposal
Yes 52,910
No 58,195

Comstock Charter Township Proposal
Yes 4,788
No 3,274

Oshtemo Charter Township Proposal
Yes 4,547
No 7,202

To get full Election 2020 results for other Kalamazoo County or township races click here and page down.

The National Presidential race is VERY close.  Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, George and Alaska are still counting votes.  As of 7:22 A.M. on Wednesday, November 4th, 2020:

Joe Biden (D) 50.3%
264 Electoral Votes
71,559,474 Total Votes (The most votes in U.S. history.)

Donald Trump (R) 48.0%
214 Electoral Votes
68,269,523 Total Votes

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