Would you vote for a cat, chicken or a goat for mayor?  Could any of them do any worse than some of the elected mayors we have today?  

We have learned from an article in MLive about a town north of Traverse City named Omena that has a very interesting mayoral race.  The current mayor is a cat that goes by the name of Mayor Sweet Tart McKee.  Her term is up and it is time for a goat, chicken, dog or another cat to take her seat.

Omena is a small unincorporated community in Leelanau Township of Leelanau County. As of the 2010 census, it had a population of a whopping 267 people, I checked that they were only counting human beings.  Omena does not have its own government but has this mayoral race for fun and as a fundraiser each year.

The Omena Historical Society are the people who actually run this election as a fundraiser every year.  The candidates/pets must be from the community, but the fun part is anyone in the world can cast a ballot, in person or online.  You have until July 23rd to vote for your favorite candidate.

Their website to vote even has bio’s on each of the candidates and the policies they will pursue if they win. It is a fundraiser so it will cost you $5 dollars to vote.  Incumbent Mayor Sweet Tart McKee is running behind in her attempt to get re-elected perhaps because as Ellen Shapiro, the historical society’s president, said 

“She was never thrilled to be out with her constituents”

Who will win, we will find out soon.

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