Calhoun County May 2019 Election Results
Voters in Calhoun County are heading to the polls for the first election of 2019, to vote on several different measures and proposals. Polls open at 7am Tuesday, May 7, and close at 8pm. If you're in line by 8pm, you will be allowed to cast your ballot.

Calhoun County 2018 Election Results
Here are the unofficial results for the 2018 gubernatorial election, updated as they come in through election night. Races in which Calhoun County is only a part of the district will feature total results first, followed by Calhoun County results...
Clerk's Office Urges Education Ahead Of November Election
You don’t need to vote on every issue on your ballot, but the Clerk’s Office wants to remind electors to make sure you only vote as much as you are allowed; if you fill in more candidates than the office allows, your choice could be discarded. In order to research the candidates you wi…

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