A Kalamazoo man purchased a $30 scratch off ticket on West Main St and won $4 Million.

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The winner chose to remain anonymous.  Who can blame him right?

According to Mlive the lucky Michigander had this to say,

"For some reason, when I stopped to buy my Lottery tickets, I felt like changing it up so I bought the $100,000,000 Diamonds ticket," the winner said. "I have played the game before, and like that you have a chance to win $100 instantly at the top of the ticket.

The winner is a regular lotto play but not this scratch off ticket called "$100,000,000 Diamons."  Changing it up really paid off.  He opted for the $2.5 Million lump sum.  He purchased the ticket at the Next Door Store on W. Main St in Kalamazoo.

What would you do with the $2.5 Million Lump Sum?