There are 5 U.S. cities named Kalamazoo and the back stories are fascinating.

Kalamazoo - Nebraska 

The most interesting thing about Kalamazoo, Nebraska is that it's 12 miles from Battle Creek, Nebraska.  When you consider that Kalamazoo, Michigan is just 20 miles from Battle Creek, Michigan it makes you wonder what else they copied from our great state?

This Kalamazoo hasn't had a post office since 1904 and likely got it's name from Kalamazoo, Michigan according to wikipedia.  There is no census data for this Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo - Florida 

As of 2011 this Kalamazoo became private property.  This unincorporated community was named for the many people that moved there from Kalamazoo, Michigan.  There is no population info for this Kzoo.

Kalamazoo, West Virginia 

This Kalamazoo is an unincorporated community.  In fact, their one and only post office has been closed for years.  I was unable to find when this small town was settled or it's population.

Kalamazoo - Arkansas 

This is more than likely the smallest of the Kalamazoo's.  It is nearly impossible to find any info on this Kzoo.  It's a small populated community in Logan County, AR.   There is no population or info of any kind for the Kalamazoo.


Kalamazoo - Michigan 

This is likely the first Kalamazoo according to wikipedia,

Originally known as Bronson (after founder Titus Bronson) in the township of Arcadia, the names of both the city and the township were changed to "Kalamazoo" in 1836 and 1837, respectively

Kalamazoo, Michigan had an estimated 76,545 resident in 2018.


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