Those of us that are sports fans of the University of Michigan are no stranger to them having success. Some of us remember when they had consistent success, some watched the success fade, and others have been hoping for the success to return. There's also a large crowd of fans that expect success to come year in and year out from those who compete in the Maize and Blue. Since 2021, the Wolverine fans have had TONS to cheer for.

Since the Beginning of 2021, is unlike any other year in sports for the University of Michigan. They have accomplished amounts of success as a school, well as individual teams coming together to represent the institution, that has set a new school record. Every sports team at the University of Michigan competes at the Collegiate level and is apart of the Big Ten Conference. These teams play for regular season and conference tournament titles, this is one of the ultimate goals of every teams season.

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To win the regular season Big Ten conference title you must have the best record against the other teams that compete within the conference in that sport. Now to give some background, there are 14 teams that are traditionally in the Big Ten, they are: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, Iowa, Indiana, Purdue, Penn State, Rutgers, Maryland, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. Some sports there are teams listed that don't compete and teams that compete that aren't listed, but either way head-to-head results are what matter.

This year, The U of M Wolverines managed to take care of business in a magnitude of sports to capture a lot of conference titles this year. They weren't fortunate enough to win the conference tournament in all these sports but nonetheless, a trophy is a trophy.  Since 2021 the Wolverines have captured conference titles in 16 different sports to date and an opportunity to add to that total with spring sports wrapping up soon. The Maize and Blue is back atop the Big Ten, including the cheerleading team winning their National Championship.

Now that the new coaches have settled in and the fans have shown their support to be true, the teams have found the heart to play and the will continue fighting. After many years of falling short, many teams have made the rise back to the top of the conference. All University of Michigan fans have seen the success and now we all expect it to continue, and watch the Wolverines continue to dominate the conference.

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