Is the Great Lakes' largest body of water about to get even larger? Some models for water levels from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are indicating that Lake Superior could rise to record high summer levels.

MLive Meteorologist Mark Torregrossa says a few key things are happening that could make it a reasonable possibility that Lake Superior will achieve this record water level.

"Higher than normal precipitation would have to occur across the Lake Superior drainage basin. With the current upper-air pattern, the storm systems are moisture laden and numerous. So the weather pattern now, along with increasing deep snow cover says a run at record water levels on Lake Superior is certainly possible."

Torregrossa says forecast water levels are currently at least eight inches higher than normal. Lake Erie could be close to record levels as well. As for the other Great Lakes, they are on track for higher water levels this year as well, but perhaps not as historic. Lakes Michigan and Huron should be acouple inches higher than last year. Lake Ontario, which Torregrossa says is less predictable, is forecast to be above long-term averages.


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