A deal will be considered by the Battle Creek City Commission next Tuesday, to provide Lakeview High School with a police officer.

Lakeview School District Board President Eric Greene told 95.3 WBCK this week that the district and Battle Creek Police Department agreed to bring in the liaison officer on Monday, as part of Lakeview’s efforts to tighten security amid fears of school shootings. However, the city commission must still approve the deal; according to the agenda for the March 6 meeting, the district would pay $32,000 for the rest of this school year, and over $85,000 for each subsequent year, until the deal expires in 2021.

The officer’s stated duties would be to build a rapport with students, identify those who have “anti-social attitudes”, and investigate criminal activity on campus. The officer would also counsel students on things like drug abuse, weapons, and truancy, and would "serve as a link" between the school and the criminal justice system to help solve problems.

The agreement also clarifies that the liaison officer stays a City of Battle Creek employee.

The City Commission will also be considering re-approving the deal that gives the Battle Creek Public Schools their own liaison officer.

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