How long can Battle Creek's Lakeview Square Mall keep the doors open?

FYI, F.Y.E. is closing their store in Battle Creek's Lakeview Square Mall. The Portage, Lansing and Jackson stores will continue to sell music, movies and pop-culture memorabilia.

From a Facebook post on May 10

Your FYE, located at Lakeview Square Mall, will be closing soon.
Hurry in for HUGE SAVINGS on CDs, DVDs, and much more.
Nothing held back!
Save 30-50% today!
But don’t fret! FYE is still growing! Visit us in Portage, Lansing, Jackson, or online anytime at

Reaction on Facebook has people wondering how long before Lakeview Square Mall is only a memory in Battle Creek.

  • No surprise honestly. Malls are becoming something of the past since now most people use websites like eBay and Amazon
  • What is left in that mall?
  • If the whole mall dont shut down already. Aint point of ot staying open [sic]
  • well not going back there. That was the last store I went to. Good thing we'll have crossroads
  • That store holds some of my best memories... by far my absolute favorite place to have worked during my high school/college years. BOOOOO CLOSING
  • Not surprised, the store turned into a junk novelty store in the last few years. Nothing what it used to be!
  • Only reason I go to the mall is the movie theater
  • That mall is a dead mall sadly. It's not what it once was. So no surprise fye is closing its doors there. Will miss them. i hate online shopping the back n forth to get a none damaged product, the high shipping, the wait. Etc
  • Bye bye, brick & mortar- hello, click & order

The store has not given a definite closing date on their Facebook page but is offering 30-50% off everything.

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