A large amount of stolen property has now been recovered by Calhoun County authorities.

The Albion Department of Public Safety says on their Facebook page that they became involved a couple of weeks ago, after a woman said her car’s window had been smashed open while parked outside the Tractor Supply store on North Eaton St. in Albion; a Macbook was stolen from inside.

On Monday, The ADPS learned that the laptop might be at a home in Battle Creek, so a search warrant was drafted and executed. Inside the home on Post Ave, the laptop was found, along with several other stolen items; while the search was taking place, a suspect showed up at the scene and was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Charges are expected to be forwarded to the prosecutor regarding these thefts.

Albion authorities are now working with the Battle Creek Police Department and Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office to help identify the owners of the stolen items.

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