A Boil Water Advisory has been issued to an area that received a water main repair that occurred Wednesday morning in Battle Creek.

City water crews worked on an area along Lafayette Street on Wednesday, December 9th, that affected several residents in the area with temporary water shut-offs. Now that water has been restored after three hours of work, the advisory was put in place.

Residents along Angell Street from Hamblin Avenue and Upton Street, Grand Trunk Avenue between Angell and 12th Street, Lafayette and Hamblin from Angell to South Kendall Street, Hayes Street and Parrish Street from Hamblin to Butler Street are affected by the advisory.

Those residents are asked to boil their water for cooking, cleaning or drinking for a minimum of 24 hours. The City also advises that bottled water can be purchased for use instead of boiling water for the advisory period.

Below is the map that shows the affected areas under the advisory.

UPDATE - The Boil Water Advisory was lifted by the City of Battle Creek as of 3 p.m. Thursday, December 10th.

Extra details on the advisory can also be found here from the City of Battle Creek.

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