Next week, several Calhoun County communities will be heading to the polls to chime in on local issues.

On Tuesday, May 7, the first special election of 2019 will take place; not everyone in Calhoun County will be voting, but several are.

In Emmett Charter Township, a 3.4 mills bond proposal will be voted on to raise funds for road improvement projects; the bond proposal would raise $14.3 million over the next fifteen years. Emmett Township has spiked similar proposal’s twice before.

Leroy Township is also voting on a road bond proposal for 5.39 mills, to raise $8.1 million over fifteen years. Both of these road proposals would see their funds matched by Calhoun County for any project they do.

In Burlington, they’re considering whether or not to increase their 9.8 mills operating millage back to the original level of 12.5 mills, which is where it was before it was rolled back.

The Climax-Scotts Community School District is looking to renew their 18 mills operating millage for 4 years.

And in the Hastings Area Schools, voters will decide whether the district should borrow $9.9 million to remodel school buildings and replace roofs on some of them. It’s estimate that to retire this bond debt, they’d need an annual millage of 1.56 mills, although that hasn’t been established yet.

Polls will open at 7am Tuesday, and close at 8pm; if you’re in line by 8, you’ll be allowed to cast your ballot. Go to for more information and to find your polling place.

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