The FDA is working with McDonald’s to identify which salad ingredients have sickened at least 61 people in seven states. Two of those sickened were hospitalized but no deaths have been reported. As a precaution, McDonald’s voluntarily stopped selling salads in 3,000 of its restaurants in 14 states, including Michigan, in an effort to contain the outbreak.

The states affected include Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia and Missouri. While there have not been reports of consumers getting sick from all 14 states, salads from those locations have been pulled since they all receive shipments from the same produce supplier. The restaurant chain plans to find a new supplier for their salads in the meantime.

Cyclosporiasis parasite is contracted by eating food or drinking liquids that been contaminated with the bacteria, according to the CDC. Symptoms include loss of appetite, loose stools, vomiting, fever and other flu like symptoms.

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