How far will the mainstream news go to show their down to the core hatred for President Trump and his family?

Well they will attack the First Ladies Christmas Decorations and according to a Daily Caller article call them:

creepy…Christmas from Hell…spooky

The Washington Post decided to write an entire article degrading the First Ladies choices, I believe it was written by the Grinch.

A liberal rag called Vice wrote:

When Melania Trump revealed her 2017 holiday decorations, I dubbed her aesthetic "the Christmas from hell," and I'm happy to report that in 2018, the first lady has upped her game, entering a circle Dante never could have dreamed up.

Slate wrote:

What message is Melania Trump sending with her red Christmas trees of death?

How do these “journalist” get to these positions with such childlike behavior?  Their attacks on the Trump family are becoming so repetitive that they have really just become cliché.

I know many good people of this country no matter what political ideology have just ignored the Mainstream Manipulative News (MSMN) and just stop watching or listening to them for the time being.  What I hope is happening is these people are finally seeing who these “journalist” and “news” people really are.  That is childlike angry beings who have never grown up and cannot stand people that do not think like them.  Sounds like a lot of people in a particular party.

Click on the link to the Daily Caller news article and see the pictures of the White House Decorations and you decide if they are “creepy…Christmas from Hell…spooky”.

I doubt many of these hate filled people in their ideologue would find any joy in Christmas.  They will hate the companies who sell “overpriced” goods, they will hate the people who say Merry Christmas because someone will be offended by it, they will hate the parents who buy trucks and army men for their boys and dolls for their girls, the list can go on but I will stop here.

Help add to the list and let us know what else they will find wrong with Christmas.

Oh by the way MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and may GOD BLESS YOU!

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