Under a pair of bipartisan bills introduced Tuesday in the Michigan House, registering to vote in the state could become much easier.

House Bills 5548 and 5549, sponsored by Republicans Julie Calley and Michael Webber, would allow for people to register to vote through the Michigan Secretary of State’s website. Those attempting to register would need to of course meet the requirements to be a voter, and would also need to possess a Driver’s License or state ID card.

Residents would also be allowed to submit a change of address via the internet. You would be unable to register online if you requested a duplicate ID the same day you attempted to register, if you requested a change of address on your ID 10 days before you registered, or if your ID was expired.

If passed, people would be able to register online at the beginning of next year. The bills were referred to the House committee on Elections and Ethics.

Other sponsors of HB 5548 are: Republican representatives Michael Webber, Kathy Crawford, Steve Marino, Peter Lucido,  Tommy Brann, Eric Leutheuser, Jim Lilly, Jason Sheppard, as well as Democratic representatives Tenisha Yancey, Adam Zemke, Stephanie Chang, and David LaGrand.

Cosponsors of HB 5549 include: Republican Representatives Julie Calley, Kathy Crawford, Steve Marino, Peter Lucido, Tommy Brann, Eric Leutheuser, Jim Lilly, and Jason Sheppard, along with Democratic Representatives Stephanie Chang and Adam Zemke.

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