A 79-year-old woman in Ypsilanti Township by the name of Judith tells the court that she use to be a medical marijuana caregiver for five patients.  I use the term used to be because she is now informing the court she no longer is amedical marijuana caregiver.  Why, because the court on June 11th ordered her to dispose of all but 12 of her marijuana plants within 10 days.

In response to that order, we are finding out through reporting by MLive that her lawyer, Barton Morris, argued in Washtenaw County Trial Court last week that she is in compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and should be allowed to keep all of her marijuana plants for personal use.

Mr. Morris said:

“She can have any number that is reasonably necessary to ensure...she uses her medicine in an edible fashion”

Ypsilanti Township attorney Dennis McClain scoffed at the claim that she is no longer is a caregiver but uses those plants only for personal use as “gamesmanship”.  

The Judge, Carol Kuhnke said:

“If she represents that the 55 plants are for her personal use, and that she resides in the property, that would defeat the township’s request that I hold her in contempt of court…She’s entitled to an evidentiary hearing.”

Those are all the details but what I find is the most interesting part of this saga is how many marijuana plants this 79-year-old woman believes she needs for personal use.

That would be 55 plants.

That is a whole lot of weed for one person let alone a 79-year-old woman.

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