It's only fitting that a Cereal City man from Michigan was the first to defeat Ohio's giant One Bowl cereal challenge.

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In January 2022, Nathan Klein heard about a new cereal bar opening in Ohio with a giant cereal bowl eating challenge. Maybe it was out pride for being born in the Cereal City, or maybe it was the thought of someone from Ohio becoming the first to take down the massive bowl of cereal, but Nathan knew he needed to try.

Nathan made his way to Ohio to make his first attempt at the One Bowl "The Cereal Bar" challenge and sadly failed. Undeterred, Nathan went back on January 23, 2022, and competed again. This time he won! The first person to ever win the challenge.

More About Nathan

Nathan is a Battle Creek, Michigan native. He graduated from Michigan Technological University with a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. So far he has won 134 competitive food challenges. Of those 91 took place in Michigan. Nathan currently holds 40 records in competitive eating.

Nathan says his inspiration for competitive eating came from the television series Man v. Food and from decades of watching Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest. His first challenge took place in his hometown of Battle Creek.

It was back in 2018 when Nathan and his brother-in-law decided to take on the Team Pizza challenge at Fox's Pizza Den. Nathan says they came close but failed. It was not until 6-months later, and with some nudging from his wife, that Nathan competed again. He snagged the last spot for a charity donut eating contest from the legendary Sweetwater's Donut Mill. This time he finished in second place, mere bites away from first.

His First Win

Despite coming in second place, Nathan says he was still disappointed. Just days later he set out for lunch and took on the 3 Pound Burger challenge at McGonigle's Pub & Grill and won. The rest, as they say, is history. From there Nathan began doing one challenge a week. Many of those challenges have been documented on his YouTube channel.

Nathan welcomes any information on other food challenges he may not know about or will take invites from food establishments for challenges. You can reach through his YouTube page or look him up on Instagram to send him a message.

Check a few of the competitive eating challenges Nathan has competed in below. 

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