I was not expecting this but apparently according to a new survey by Kars4Kids Michigan was rated as the 15th most polite state when it comes to driving.

Kars4Kids asked various questions from 50 licensed drivers in each state, aged 18 and older.  The survey was conducted from March to April 2017.   Some of the questions where:

How often do you signal?

Would you let someone merge into your lane?

The state of Michigan was given a B+ rating for our overall grade.  Our neighboring states ranked as follows:

Indiana: 34

Ohio: 35

and Wisconsin: 46

So once again Congrats to Michigan!  Even though I find it a bit hard to believe since we have been speaking on air about how much worse drivers in Michigan have appeared to become.  I guess it is even worse in other states.

A ranking I did not find hard to believe and that is the state of New York came in last, I lived in Manhattan for two years and found driving to be dangerous to your health while there.

Which states has the most polite drivers, South Carolina.

The survey also found that females are generally more courteous than males.

Other questions asked included:

  • How aggressively do you respond to slow driving?
  • Do you respond rudely when being tailgated?
  • Would you steal someone's parking spot?
  • Would you speed up to stop someone from passing you?

Keep driving politely and safely Michigan.

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