A gas station in Plymouth got into a little bit of trouble after they tried taking advantage of their customers last month. Well, they did more than try, they succeeded but luckily only for a day.

The BP gas station on 39600 Ann Arbor Road in Plymouth Township charged $1 more than its competitors on May 18. These price gouging lowlifes listed their regular unleaded gas for $3.899 per gallon and premium for $4.899, which was about $1 more than their nearby competitors.

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According to MLive, Owner PGH Associates, LLC, has agreed to pay the $2,000 fine that will reimburse customers and the state with $1,700 available for reimbursements to customers who can prove they purchased gas there on May 18. That seems like a small fine if you ask me. I'm sure they made way more than that off their unknowing customers that day.

Attorney General, Dana Nessel:

I am encouraged by this outcome, which offers an opportunity for consumers to be made whole. Our consumer protection team will continue to seek action against entities that take advantage of customers.

Yes, you can say it's the customer's fault for paying that kind of money for gas but if they're like me, they just drive up to the pump and get their gas. I never pay attention to gas prices because I know I need gas regardless of the price. I guess I just put too much faith into the system because I don't expect someone to price gouge like that. Shame on me, right?

Customers have until Sept. 15 to file a claim either online through the Department’s form or by calling 877-765-8388.

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