One of the struggles besides having to actually take the Covid-19 test is the waiting period in which it take for you to get results. On average, many of the tests we have in Michigan produce results within 24 to 48 hours after a sample is received. But Beaumont Hospital on Michigan's east side has just come up with a test which gives results in under an hour.

Beaumont Health researchers Dr. Laura Lamb and Dr. Michael Chancellor have developed a new test which they say can detect COVID-19 in under 45 minutes using urine, blood, saliva or mouth-swab samples. Royal Oak Beaumont doctors used the same technology for this test as they did when they developed rapid testing for the Zika virus in 2017, as MLive reports.

Dr. Lamb elaborated on how crucial it is that Michigan and the country have a more efficient way to test patients:

We need more testing options if we’re going to stage a successful public health response to COVID-19. This is a rapid test that does not require expensive machinery to run and the materials for it are relatively inexpensive. The more options we have for testing, the better. Because this is an existing test, we are optimistic with the right resources, it could be ready for widespread use within a month or so.

If this test proves to be successful, this would eliminate any hesitation some people may have about being tested because of the uncomfortable method which is used to determine if someone has Covid-19.

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