Michigan hospitals are beginning to open up for non-emergency surgeries.  Many closed off all but virus-related care as the COVID-19 situation was developing last month. And then the Governors Executive order disallowing all but the most critical care and surgical procedures put a big clamp on many levels of hospital, and medical services care. That order also shut down most dental offices around the state from offering regular preventive care. Now for the first time in a month, Henry Ford Health System in Metro Detroit is resuming outpatient surgeries. It’s happening in specially designated operating rooms at its five hospitals. Michigan Medicine, affiliated with the University of Michigan, and Detroit Medical Center are also opening up for more non-emergency and elective surgeries. Administrators at the medical centers admit they need the money generated by doing what hospitals do. Many announced big layoffs last week where the same administrators blamed a massive drop in normal patient loads and care services including surgeries for a drop in revenue. Most non-COVID-19 cases that hospitals are now accepting, are those where an overnight stay probably won’t be needed. As the virus caseloads continue to drop, more elective case patients will be brought in.

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