Another protest rally against the state administration was held at the state capitol yesterday. This time it was a group of women state legislators angry about unemployment benefits that are not getting to thousands across the state who have filed but not yet received a dime. The state lawmakers dubbed their event “Moms For Families”. Allegan County 80th District State House Representative Mary Whiteford help organize the event. She says her office alone is working with more than 400 constituents who are being stonewalled with either lack of contact, or no contact from the state, to work out whatever the issues may be to get them cleared to begin receiving benefits.

Representative Whiteford says the mental stress is simply uncalled for. Especially since these are people who were forced off their jobs by the same administration that seems incapable of even wanting to help them with their unemployment benefits. Marshall Republican State Representative Matt Hall chairs a select committee looking into issues like this. He says even his committee isn’t getting the help it is requesting from the Whitmer administration. And last week, the Governor refused a request by the bipartisan committee to make an appearance and answer questions that two state department heads so far admitted they had no answers to but said the Governor would know.

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