Normally police will give a driver a breathalyzer for drinking and driving...well now Michigan police will begin swabbing drivers suspected of being on drugs.

According to WOOD, Michigan did a study with police officers and drivers in five different counties where officers asked drivers to swab their mouth to find out if they have been using drugs. This system is now being expanded statewide.

Michigan State Police started this program before marijuana was legalized in order to detect drivers operating a motor vehicle under the influence but this will also work on pills and other illegal drugs. Police hope to cut down on people driving under the influence of drugs.

The swabbing program lasted for a year in 2017 in Berrien, Delta, Kent, St. Clair and Washtenaw counties. 92 drivers were tested by officers who were trained as drug recognition experts swabbed the mouths of drivers when suspected by using drugs.

State officials say it will be a few months before the program is launched statewide.

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