For most of us Americans, there is not much better when it comes to food than a great pizza or burger.  Many people will drive for miles to eat at their favorite pizza or burger joint.

A travel site named Big7Travel decided to attempt to determine where the best burgers in America are.  They stated the following:

“We’ve been checking out suggestions from our audience on their favourite burgers year-round, as well as contributions from the Big 7 Travel editorial team.”

With that in mind, they recently released their findings in a survey titled “50 best burgers in the United States”.  Even better one of them is right here in Michigan.

Coming in at number 24 was a Dearborn restaurant named “Brome Modern Eatery”.   The Big7Travel survey said the following about this restaurant and burger:

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner – they have it all covered. The restaurant has a large variety of burgers including their special Sunrise Burger which is a delicious blend of fried egg, sausages and pickles. We’re drooling just looking at it, and we bet you are too”

Sounds like if you are ever in the area you might want to stop by and try their Sunrise Burger.  If you do please let me know what you thought of it.

Looking for a great burger, from the perspective of Big7Travel, that is closer than Dearborn?  Check out their ratings of the Top 25 Best Burgers In Michigan.

Interesting to note on their Top 25 Best Burgers in Michigan the Brome Modern Eatery came in at #24.  Not sure if the last list was specifically the best burger and the Michigan list is the best burger joint.  Who cares just enjoy one of their great burgers.

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