If Guy Fieri thinks your restaurant is quality enough to feature it on his programs, then you're probably doing something right. To be considered one of the best of the bunch speaks volumes to the quality eating experience customers can enjoy at the establishment.

Everyone knows Fieri's hit show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and can find incredible local spots to grab a bite through the program. Michigan has had 16 restaurants featured on the show, and each is a top-notch restaurant. But only one can be the best in the Mitten State.

Delish recently released the best Triple D restaurants in all 50 states, and Michigan's choice was certainly a classic as it was featured on the show 17 years ago. From season 2 of the Off the Hook Specials back in 2007, Fieri visited this Ferndale, Michigan, location and tried their unique spin on Vietnamese Pho Bowls. But, of course, that's not all this slice of Falavortown is known for.

The honor of the best Triple D spot in Michigan was given to The Fly Trap, which has been dubbed the "Finer Diner" as it, well, takes the classic diner cuisine and kicks it up a notch in the fine-dining category.

The Fly Trap has a wealth of options, with my eye getting caught by all of the breakfast dishes. Apparently, there's a Gingerbread Waffle which sounds delectable.

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If you're looking for soups, there are 13 options plus the daily soup and that's not including the pho. Burgers and sandwiches with unique and fresh combinations, including the Homemade Salmon Burger, help fill out the rest of the appetizing menu.

The Fly Trap has a "Fly Bar" with cocktails, "On the Fly" takeout for all items, and the "Daily Buzz" specials to give customers plenty of options to enjoy the Finer Diner. The puns just add to the experience.

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