Please join me tomorrow (Thursday) at 11:06 AM, I will be interviewing 10th District Court Judge Paul Beardslee, possibly 37th District Circuit Court Judge Hallacy and Calhoun County Commissioner Steve Frisbie concerning specialty courts in Michigan and specifically In Calhoun County.

The Specialty Courts in Calhoun County are:

  • Drug Court
  • Mental Health Court
  • Veterans Court
  • Sobriety court

They say that from the data collected so far these "problom" solving courts are making a difference in the lives of people throughout Michigan.  Let's find out from the judges that interact with them each day.

DId you know that Michigan is a national leader in giving the public access to treatment courts. We are told that our 179 treatment courts provide access to 97% of our state’s population. We are also told that Michigan has more of these innovative courts than any other state in the nation.

So,join me tomorrow and find out what the Judges say.

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