Michigan State Football has mourned the loss of one former player this year with the passing of former punter Mike Sadler in July.  This weekend in Indiana the team will pay tribute to another, Mylan Hicks.

According to M-Live, The Spartans will wear black shoes and socks for the kickoff Saturday night in Indiana.  They will also wear a number six decal on their helmets to pay tribute to the late Hicks, who was killed this past weekend.

This will not be the only way the team honors Hicks, the team will honor him in other ways through out the season.

I am curious to see how the team comes out Saturday after not only dealing with Hicks passing, but also coming off their big loss to Wisconsin last week.

I will personally have to make sure I wear a little black along with  Spartan green as I will be there to root on The Spartans Saturday In Bloomington.